NRI Biharis for Development of Bihar

The expatriate Biharis living in Europe, USA, and Middle East, should consider themselves fortunate to earn much more than the people we left behind. Many of us have taken citizenship of the countries we have lived long. But this does not reduce our attachment and love of Bihar. In fact, it was Bihar that equipped us to look for much more greener pastures to make a better life for ourselves and for our children, in a meritocratic society, far away from quota, reservation and caste based atmosphere. It is not a boast, but our spending power is far more than the locals in Bihar. And it is this enhanced spending power that I want to utilize as our contribution to our state for the benefit of those who are not so fortunate.


May I call upon all expatriate Biharis to contribute something as I do? I adopted the Govt. Primary School of my village. I gave exercise books and ball point pen for the poor children. They did not have safe drinking water. Existing, non-functioning pump was only drilled to 50 feet. Despite repeated application to PHED, no action was taken. I was asked by the Headmaster to have a boring done to a depth of 100 feet. I got it done. Now 800 children have access to safe drinking water. I have been asked for eight tables and eight chairs for eight class rooms. Existing ones are too ancient and non-repairable. So, I will get them in my next visit. I instituted two scholarships of Rs. 5000/- each, to be given to the poorest student taking admission in first year at Darbhanga Medical College. On 24th February this year, it was awarded to two such students. They could buy clothes, books, stationery or sundries. I am going to increase it to four from next year.


We can all spare Rs. 10-20,000 without any inconvenience to ourselves. But it goes a long way to help transform the lives of our unfortunate Biharis. I wouldn't part with money, but I would ask what is needed most in school, Primary Health Care Centre. Buy the items and give it to the responsible person. Give a scholarship to the poorest of the poor admitted to our alma mater.


A little of such contribution becomes a lot in few years time.


Let us do and do it now. Most of us visit once or twice a year. It will not only help the needy, but also send the message to those in Bihar who think that we - the so called NRIs - only lecture them but do nothing for the people of Bihar.

As Bihar is coming closure to its fifth deciding year, the government is getting exposed on many points which people of this state were not expecting from the new incumbent.


It's true that most of the energy they spent in removing anarchic democracy overcasting the state by the past ruler. Two sectors were more privileged - bureaucracy and police - in this period of time. Few achievements like connectivity of villages to their districts and district to headquarters by fine, smooth roads cannot be undermined but it is all within the central planning. Bihar government is simply the executer of the plan.


Government hospitals received latest equipment, qualified doctors, technicians and round the clock emergency facilities by dialing 108. Today I was overwhelmed to see the news regarding the plan to appoint one physiotherapist, occupational therapist, homeopaths in government run hospitals.


But, are all these just pre-election programs?


This will reduce burden of patient's congregation at one location. The ignorance, falling standard, and degradation in the quality of higher education is eating vitals of the society. The mushrooming of coaching camps in the state capital is the greatest contributor to this malaise. Education mafias, bureaucrats, and politicians are believed to be the sharer of the booty or there is a difference of opinion in the trio (CM, Dy. CM, and HRD Minister) in placing stringent regulations on private coaching institutes (PCI), or because Vidhan Sabha elections are knocking at the door, PCI would be the greatest source of money and muscle power for them.


Dr. A. Kumar,

Norfolk, England