Helpline for Bihari migrant labourers working in all parts of India

The Government of Bihar has decided to open a helpline for extending prompt help to migrant labourers working across different states in the country, official sources said on Tuesday.


In the wake of the rising spate of attacks on Bihari migrant labourers in Maharashtra, Assam, Madhya Pradesh and now Punjab, the state Labour Department is working to open a helpline service for them.


"A helpline for extending prompt assistance to migrant labourers in all states would be operational soon" a senior Labour Department official said.


The state government also plans to issue identity cards to migrant labourers and register their name and personal information with panchayats, they hail from.


It is estimated that more than 50 lakh Bihari migrant labourers or workers including non-skilled and skilled are working all over India. But till date, the Bihar government has no record about the numbers of migrant labourers from state working outside.


Half the population of Bihar — the second most populous state in India with 8.3 crore people — live in poverty.


A latest draft report on Bihari migrant labourers pointed that hundreds of thousands of people from flood hit north Bihar districts have been migrating to various parts of the country in search of livelihood.


The idea to open such helpline was conveyed to the state Chief Minister Nitish Kumar by a Muzaffarpur based social activist Nishindra Kinjalk during campaigning for the last parliamentary polls.


Kinjalk had submitted a proposal to set up Bihar Mitra Kendra in all the states to help the Bihari working in other states.