Social Action for Female and Environment (Safe) & Jeevika's Flood Funding Appeal

The devastating floods in Bihar, one of the worst in recent history, have wrecked havoc in the lives of people, causing the displacement of over 1.5 million people. Safe & Jeevika has responded immediately to the need by providing emergency rescue and relief assistance to affected families. Safe & Jeevika has provided immediate relief to nearly 15,000 people.


Background of the Organization

Safe was originated in 1999 in small urban area in the Madhepura District of Bihar State of India. The aim of the organization was to improve the health and social status of women and improve environmental health. This began as a social movement from few educated youth from this underdeveloped place, who volunteered self to stimulate inner conscious of people around them, to act for the betterment of society and environment. Needed resources were generated from community and the activities were initiated which became self sustainable soon because of community takeover. Thus Social Action for Female and Environment is community born, community driven and community sustained organization addressing community needs in the community settings.



For many people in Bihar, life will never be the same again. The floods have destroyed their possessions and their very lives are in danger. Thousands of people continue to face the fury of the floods. As people continue to struggle for their basic needs, your contribution could truly save lives when it reaches people in need



Organization: Social Action for Female and Environment (Safe) & Jeevika


Programme Name - Bihar Flood Victim Care Group


Address: Bihar Flood Victim Care Group, Jeevika, New Officers Colony,

                     Mirchaibari, Katihar, Bihar, PIN-854105  


MOBILE- 09430927890 (Ramesh Misra), 09431095896(Dhananjay)



Contact Person- Ramesh Mishra, General Secretary, Safe & dhananjay Kr., M.D., Jeevika




Area of Operation- 1.Madhepura (Murliganj & Kumarkhand)

                              2. Supoul (Trivaniganj & Chatapur)

                              3. Katihar (Amdabad, Manihari & Kursela)


Focus Work- Emergency Rescue, Relief Assistance, and Rehabilitation to affected families


Bank Details- Bank of Baroda, Katihar, Bihar.


Legal Status- Registered under societies reg. act 1860 & 80G of Income Tax.


Collection Point- Katihar, Purina & Madhepura